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Finding and acquiringEncontrar y adquirire

Customer Specific RequirementsEspecificos del Cliente

has long been a challengeha sido un reto a largo.

A recent survey showed that a significant number of suppliers do not know where to go in order to gain access to their customer's latest applicable customer specific requirementsUna reciente encuesta indica que un significante numero de proveedores no sabe exactamente elcamino a seguir, especificos actualizados de sus clientes.


Customer Specific RequirementsCustomer Specific Requirements
Customer Specific Requirements

Are you an auditor, customer, or supplier in need of quick and easy access to Customer Specific Requirements and Supplier Quality ManualsEs Ud. un auditor, cliente o proveedor que necesita acceder en forma rapida y comoda a los Requerimientos Especificos de su cliente y alos Manuales de Calidad de Proveedores?

Customer Specific RequirementsCustomer Specific Requirements Customer Specific RequirementsCustomer Specific Requirements

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